Meet the jury | #mediadev | DW | 05.12.2018
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Meet the jury

Jury members are experts in different fields of data journalism. They will assess the credibility and feasibility of the applications.

Anne-Lise Bouyer, head technologist at Correctiv (Berlin).


Paul Bradshaw, course leader of the MA in Data Journalism at Birmingham City University


Monia Ben Hamadi, editorial director atInkyfada  (Tunis).


Florencia Coelho, new media research and training manager atLa Nación (Buenos Aires).


Eva Constantaras, data journalism trainer with Internews.


Pınar Dağ, data journalism lecturer at Kadir Has University, founder of Dag Medi (Istanbul).


Gianna-Carina Grün, data journalist at Deutsche Welle (Berlin).


Kuang Keng Kuek Ser, founder of Data-N  (Kuala Lumpur).


Maarten Lambrechts, data journalist and visualization consultant (Diest, Belgium).


Nino Macharashvili, co-founder of ForSet  (Tbilisi).


Pierre Romera, CTO of ICIJ (Paris).


Siddharthya Roy, South Asia correspondent for The Diplomat  and professor of data and computational journalism at Symbiosis International University (Pune, India).


Anastasia Valeeva, data journalism lecturer at the University of Central Asia (Bishkek).

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