Masterarbeiten | Forschung | DW | 05.09.2019
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Die Absolventinnen und Absolventen des Studiengangs leisten mit ihren Masterarbeiten einen wertvollen Beitrag zur internationalen Medienforschung.


  • Portillo Bran, Cindy: "Auswirkungen der neuen Datenschutz-Grundverordnung und des Datenskandals 2018 auf die Nutzung und Wahrnehmung von Facebook: Eine exemplarische Analyse von Expertenmeinungen und Nutzern, aus deutscher Perspektive"
  • Gutiérrez Ahumada, Tomás: "Quality of children's programs in Chile: An empirical study of two shows aired on free-to-air television"
  • Nolte, Britta Petra: "Kulturelle Determination von Public Diplomacy: Eine explorative Studie über potentielle Einflüsse auf die Kommunikation mit der ausländischen Öffentlichkeit im deutsch-israelischen Kontext"
  • Bansal, Eesha Satish: "Fake news in India: A qualitative case study on the long-term influence of media on culture, media literacy and new media laws"
  • Kusuma Setiadi, Sherly: "Nation Brand Germany and Higher Education Marketing: A study case on the impact of study in Germany information on selected online media on the decision making of international students"


  • Bouchenafa, Chakir: "Practices and challenges of teaching Media Literacy as cross-curricular subject in language programs in Moroccan high schools"
  • Sayoux Jeffery, Merlis: "The influence of international broadcasters on media in Colombia: An explorative study under specific consideration of agenda-setting and framing approaches"
  • Hilse, Gwendolin: "Mobiler Journalismus in Nigeria als Chance für internationale und nationale Nachrichtensender. Ein qualitativer Vergleich am Beispiel des BBC Haussa Programms und des nigerianischen Senders Channels TV"
  • Mosinyan, Ani: "Challenges of transformation from state into independent public media in the South Caucasus region: Opportunities and strategic dilemmas for broadcasters in Armenia and Georgia under specific consideration of the digital change"
  • Molina Segura, Dayhana Melissa: "How Streaming Video-On Demand Impacts on a Country´s Image: An Empirical Study on the Perception of Colombia after Watching "Narcos"
  • Eljack, Gabriel Ramadan Hassan: "The Importance of Digital Media Literacy in Conflict Situations: The Role and Potential of Facebook in Defying Hate Speech in South Sudan"
  • De Mendonca Lage, Vanessa: "Gender gap in the news: A qualitative research on journalistic practices in Iceland"
  • Gutsol, Oksana: "Conflict reporting in its dynamic timeline: The annexation of Crimea through the lens of international media"
  • Opanasenko, Olena: "Automated journalism and fake news detection in social media: An explorative study of challenges in the modern news production"
  • Elola Rodriguez, Erick: "The empowerment of on-demand streaming as an alternative to traditional radio in regard to proactive and independent content: An explorative study on the specific consideration of Grupo Radio Centro and Convoy Network in Mexico City"
  • Haddad, Noor Naseem: "User Generated Content als Teil der digitalen Unternehmenskommunikation: Eine exemplarische Analyse am Beispiel Birkenstock"
  • Andrade Schnettler, Paulina Alejandra: "Gender equality within the Chilean creative industries: A qualitative case study about the challenges and opportunities faced by female cultural workers"
  • Quamhieh, Malak: "Media Education in Governmental Palestinian's Schools and its Impact on Students' Practices on Facebook"
  • Friedrich, Lina: "The impact of international broadcasters on domestic media in Kenya under specific consideration of environmental reporting"
  • Canela País, Giovanna: "The impact of digital influencers: The usage of Instagram as a health and beauty guide by Brazilian teenagers"
  • Byamba, Urandavaa: "Herausforderungen und Strategien der Online-Krisenkommunikation in Unternehmen in Bezug auf Shitstorms: Eine exemplarische qualitative Analyse anhand von ausgewählten Expertenmeinungen"
  • Bolanos, José: "Critical civic engagement in democracy through media literacy: How three Costa Rican media education programmes are encouraging participatory citizenship"
  • Li, Jinhan: "Gender representation in Chinese news reporting: An empirical analysis of the female image represented in China Daily online"
  • Calderón Simo, Mía: "The relevance of Instagram influencers for communication campaigns. An explorative case study in the fitness sector in the Dominican Republic"
  • De Mello Jordao, Priscila: "Reporting from the frontline of climate change: A qualitative study of journalistic roles and news values in the Pacific Islands"


  • Al-Must, Ziad: "Media Coverage of International Media Broadcasters Case Study: Coup in Turkey - 2016"
  • Belopolsky, Alexandra: "Coverage of Boko Haram in African and Western media: An empirical study with a focus on the online editions of newspapers"
  • Cadenas, Percy: "FIFAGATE - The International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the corruption scandal from the perspective of four international broadcasters: A quantitative study of online reports"
  • Farnaz, Bernhardt: "Eat what you click - A qualitative study of social media for nutrition education"
  • Georgievski, Nevena: "Clientelistic relations and political influence: An analysis about the wiretapping scandal in the Macedonian media"
  • Haider, Syed Shamshir: "Online Coverage of the Yemen Conflict by International Media in Urdu and its Effects on Sectarian Hate Speech by Pakistani Social Media Users"
  • Kastratovic, Jovana: "Strategien überregionaler Tageszeitungsverlage zur Reichweitenoptimierung ihrer digitalen Angebote: Eine vergleichende Analyse im deutschsprachigen Raum"
  • Noboa, Patricia: "Public policies for Deaf People in Newscasts: an Analysis of the Status Quo and Development in Ecuador"
  • Romman, Shadi: "The role of international broadcasters in covering Donald Trumps statements regarding America's foreign policy towards the Arab region: A quantitaive analysis of articles under the specification of the typology of hate speech"
  • Feliciano Mansani de Oliviera, Taina: "Violence against street children during mega sporting events (WM - Olympia) in Brazil. Online newspaper analysis."
  • Nino Bonilla, Andrea: "Peace, War and the Media: A Comparative Analysis of News Articles of International Broadcasters on the Colombian Peace Process 2012-2016"
  • Baños Ruiz, Irene: "Science and journalism: a challenging relationship. Empirical analysis of the role of enviromental journalism in the public perception on enviromental issues"
  • Omolade, Temitope: "Going Viral: Success Factors of Internet News Videos - A Case Study of AJ+ and Nowthis"
  • Rotholi Balensifer, Danielle: "Revealing Brasis: An analysis on Development Communication and its effectiveness"
  • Ly, YouY: "The Viability of Alternative Online News Media under Specific Consideration of the Implementation of Ethical Standards"
  • Oliva Romero Sosa, Estefanía: "Organizational Transparency as a Prerequisite for Viability: An Analysis of Alternative Online Media in Ecuador"
  • Manych, Nataliia: "Viability of Alternative Digital Media in Ukraine: Revenue Generation as Precondition of Economic Sustainability"
  • Gaviria Vera, Sandra: "Film Production. A comparative study between fictional features and short films in the regions of Peru"
  • Yacoub, Ahmed: "The Importance of Citizen-generated Videos in the Syrian Conflict under specific Consideration of the Verification Issue"
  • Laguna Trujillo, Maria Paula: "Opportunities and Challenges of narrative Journalism in the Digital Age: A comparative Analysis of the Strategies of Latin American Media Companies"
  • Guachamin Heredia, Luisa Pamela: "Public service media independence in Ecuador: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the status quo and future perspectives"
  • Navarro, Jenny: "The Role of Citizen Photojournalism in Ecuadorian Media: A Case Study of its Importance in National Newspapers' Online Platforms and Social Networks"
  • Gonzalez Vasquez, Andres Felipe: "Narrative-Based Video Games from the Eighth Generation of Consoles; A Qualitative Content Analysis On Female Protagonist´s Depiction."
  • Mgbechata, Samuel: "Oil pollution in the Niger-Delta in Nigeria: Perceptions of experts on Newspaper coverage in 2017"
  • Wecker, Katharina: "Media Viability in Uganda: Challenges and Opportunities for bloggers and journalistic start-ups"
  • Hasmi, Durfishan: "From Information to Integration: A gender-based quantitative study examining the media use and communication needs of female refugees in Germany"
  • Cosa, Arnold: "Skandal 2.0: Die Transformation politischer Skandale in Deutschland und der Einfluss sozialer Medien"
  • Gaydazhieva, Stanislava: "Slow Journalism -  ensuring quality under pressure of time and limited resources"
  • Tran Phung, Khan Ly: "The faked truth. Structural features of fake news as seen in the reactions of established international media outlets."


Eine Übersicht über Masterarbeiten, die vor 2017 veröffentlicht wurden, finden Sie hier.

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