ToR: MIL consultancy for partner organization in Moldova | Opportunities and Tenders | DW | 16.05.2023
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Opportunities and Tenders

ToR: MIL consultancy for partner organization in Moldova

DW Akademie is seeking a Media and Information Literacy (MIL) expert to consult its partner organization and local trainers on the piloting an integrative MIL approach in formal education in the Republic of Moldova.

As the Coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine and other conflicts have shown, during a crisis the population feels inadequately informed and turns to social media. Young people are particularly exposed to propaganda and hate speech there.

To counter this, DW Akademie in Moldova has focused on mainstreaming MIL into educational practices for youth. During 2017-2022, MIL was introduced as an elective subject in the national school curriculum, textbooks were developed, and teachers were trained to deliver MIL lessons.

Starting 2023, DW Akademie’s work in the field of MIL continues but focuses on an integrative MIL approach in schools (i.e., integration of individual MIL competencies into compulsory subjects), which can reach the vulnerable groups, including national minorities. The objective of the project is to establish Moldovan educational institutions as sites for inclusive MIL teaching. The target group is children and youth (9-18 years old), including social orphans and Russian-speaking minorities.

Requested services
We are seeking for a qualified MIL expert to

  • Consult the partner organisation and the local trainers on integrating specific MIL skills into mandatory school subjects (English and Romanian languages – tbc);
  • Design a training curriculum for a two-days training for schoolteachers together with a local trainer in accordance with the overall training schedule attached to this ToR;
  • Consult on the development of teaching modules;
  • Identify and deliver feedback and training reports on the training to the DW Akademie management.

Find the complete Terms of Reference (ToR) in the downloads section below.

Deadline for applications is May 26, 2023.