Terms of Reference for Local Researchers: "Environmental Journalism in MENA – concepts and key actors" | Opportunities and Tenders | DW | 16.01.2023
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Opportunities and Tenders

Terms of Reference for Local Researchers: "Environmental Journalism in MENA – concepts and key actors"

DW Akademie is conducting a mapping in six MENA countries to identify relevant environmental players and assess their communications needs.

Within the framework of this mapping, DW Akademie is looking to hire local researchers in 6 MENA countries to identify key environmental stakeholders and actions, engage with media representatives and conduct audience research. Under the guidance of DW Akademie’s Program Director Palestine and in coordination with the Research Coordinator, the researchers will carry out the following specific tasks:

  • Identify key environmental stakeholders
  • Identify media (mainstream and online) covering environmental issues
  • Conduct qualitative in-depth interviews with pre-agreed and categorized parties according to the guidelines of DW Akademie’s research department
  • Conduct quantitative audience research guided by DW Akademie’s Research Coordinator and her research design to assess levels of awareness on environmental issues
  • Deliver interview transcriptions and final report translated into English to DW Akademie’s Research Coordinator

Required skills

  • Solid understanding of the local media and political landscapes
  • Knowledge of media development and experience in conducting project-related research
  • University degree in a relevant field (journalism, political sciences, social sciences)
  • Profound knowledge of empirical research methods
  • Knowledge and technical ability to collect data and produce reports accordingly in English
  • Competencies in conducting interviews
  • Previous experience in the field of environmental journalism or related fields
  • Personal network facilitating the approach and conduct of interviews with the pre-agreed interview partner
  • Fluent in English and Arabic (written and oral)
  • Respecting the DW/DW Akademie’s code of conduct

Application deadline

Please submit your application by the 22nd of January, 2023