Call for applications: Participate in a PodcasTraining on climate change! | Opportunities and Tenders | DW | 04.10.2023
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Opportunities and Tenders

Call for applications: Participate in a PodcasTraining on climate change!

DW Akademie provides in-depth podcast training with leading podcasting experts, comprehensive insights into climate change, and innovative approaches to experiment with podcast formats and audience development.

DW Akademie’s PodcasTraining on climate change is designed as a 5-day online training, taking place from November 13 to 17, 2023. The training starts with exploring climate change fundamentals followed by an introduction into podcasting. A one-day session about podcast format development will round up the required basic knowledge and foster a common understanding of the podcast initiative and help in developing a vision and first ideas for a podcast on climate change. After one day focused on podcast production, the workshop will focus on strategies of podcast  distribution. Following the training there will be the option for individual coaching sessions, assisting further podcast  productions about climate change.

Find the complete call in the downloads section below

To participate in the Podcast Training, the following requirements and commitments are essential:

  1. Commitment: All participants must commit to fully engage for the entire duration of the project. This involves active participation in the five-day training sessions, 13th till 17th of November 2023, and project-related activities.
  2. Experience: Solid experience in broadcasting, interviewing, hosting, and audio editing is a prerequisite for joining the workshop.
  3. Participation: Active participation is crucial, as the training will specifically focus on honing podcast production skills. Participants are expected to contribute to discussions, hands-on exercises, and collaborative group works.
  4. Internet Connection: Reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is necessary for participating in both the workshop and  podcast production activities. This ensures seamless engagement in virtual sessions and collaborative online work.
  5. Audio Production Equipment: Participants should have basic audio production equipment, including recorders and microphones, to facilitate hands-on learning during the workshop. This equipment is essential for practical exercises and skill development.
  6. Computer or Laptops: Access to a computer or laptop is required for participation in virtual coaching sessions, workshops, and other online components of the training. Participants should have the necessary software installed for audio editing and other relevant tasks.

By meeting these requirements, participants can ensure a meaningful and productive engagement in the Podcast Training, enhancing their podcast production skills and contributing effectively to the overall learning experience.

Submit your application using our online application form.

Apply by October 20, 2023!