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Cambodia: Digital innovation for human rights

sithi_hub1a The project promotes secure and professional use of open data and social media. It assists bloggers, human rights activists and computer specialists in setting up a shared training centre. Also, media practitioners are trained in data-driven journalism. Read more ›
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Pakistan: Implementing Right to Information Acts – Promoting Data-Driven Journalism

The project promotes dialogue between media professionals and the civil servants at public authorities. The aim is to implement the Right to Information Acts in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a more user-friendly manner. Public Information Officers receive needs-based training on responding to requests for information. Technical staff in public authorities learn how to publish relevant data on digital platforms. Journalists and media houses acquire the skills to make professional use of the provided data – on issues such as taxes, local planning and budgeting processes, and accountability – in their reporting. In training workshops and by means of subsequent mentoring, media professionals learn how to carry out data-intensive research and prepare clear, data-based stories. Media house managers develop workflows to integrate data-driven journalism into everyday editorial processes.   Read more ›
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Serbia: More than just numbers

Data_Driven_Journalism_Belgrade2 Serbian citizens are suffering a lack of information about taxation and therefore understanding of  its purpose and advantages. They are thus not aware of the link between paying taxes and the quality and scope of public services. Read more ›
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