Media Ethics

Africa: Promoting the right to freedom of expression and access to information

Launch of the Model Law in Banjul on April 12, 2013 The project assisted the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression in Africa in promoting a model law on freedom of information. Also, it supported research activities and a Pan-African campaign aiming at decriminalising independent news reporting. Read more ›
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Bangladesh: Communication and dialogue about anti-corruption

A scene from the radio training (Photo: DWA) Corruption is a serious obstacle to development in Bangladesh. As one of its efforts to curb and prevent corruption, the Bangladeshi government established the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in 2004. Read more ›
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East Africa: Bolstering media self-regulation and right to information

Bolsterin media self-regulation The project supported journalist associations, public officials and civil society in strengthening media self-regulation and implementing access to information laws in East Africa. The East Africa Office of “Article 19″ conducted the activities in close cooperation with local partners in Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan. Read more ›
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Latin America: Promoting human rights standards in reporting

human rights standards The project aims to raise awareness of human rights standards in media reporting among ombudsman authorities and journalists in Latin America. Journalists in the region frequently disregard basic ethical standards such as fair and balanced reporting, protection of privacy, and non-discrimination. Furthermore, due to political bias in many media organisations, victims of violence and other abuses suffer because reporting on their cases does not comply with professional standards.     Read more ›
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Rwanda: Promoting media reform

youth summit The project promotes freedom of expression and supports the media reform process in Rwanda. Particular assistance is provided to the newly established Rwanda Media Commission (RMC). Read more ›
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Zambia: Mapping human rights violations

The project supports the Human Rights Commission Zambia (HRC) in collaborating with civil society organizations to map human rights violations. It particularly focuses on human rights in places of detention and on the freedoms of assembly and opinion. Read more ›
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