Social media trainings



In a series of workshops, selected members of YCPDs were introduced to innovative ways of using social and traditional media as a communication tool to foster exchange among themselves as well as with local authorities and the community. The trainings conveyed basic knowledge on the competent use of social media and the creation of new media platforms for effective communication on the causes of and solutions for violence.

The participants thus set up Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp accounts and used them to discuss with their peers on the causes of and solutions to violence.

In between the workshops, the participants had to do some “homework” to apply their knowledge and communicate with each other and their communities about violence and crime. While doing these exercises, they were coached on-the-spot. This allowed the facilitators to respond to individual challenges regarding the use of social or traditional media for dialogue on crime prevention.



Moreover, the training participants organized sharing events with other members of their youth desk clusters in order to make available the knowledge they had gained to a larger group of people. As it also became obvious that new and traditional media platforms need to be combined to reach a broad public, some of the training participants got in touch with radio stations and newspapers in their neighbourhood. They published articles on the activities organised by the YCPD and discussed issues of crime and violence on air, thus using traditional media to get in touch with their communities.

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