Conveying the new Code of Ethics

DW Akademie workshop Rwanda

Participants of the training workshop on ethical reporting proudly present their certificates (Photo: DW)

The Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) was founded in September 2013 as a self-regulatory media body. It has the mission to promote media freedom and professionalism, arbitrate media disputes and educate journalists and the public about media and its role in society.

In cooperation with GIZ and DW Akademie, the RMC set out to convey the contents of the new Code of Ethics in Rwanda to Rwandan journalists. For that purpose a training manual and training material were developed and subsequently approved by RMC and the Association of Rwandan Journalists (ARJ). They then were introduced to a selected group of trainers. A two-day “Training of Trainers” empowered them to conduct future trainings with fellow journalists on how to employ the Code of Ethics in Rwanda. In addition, RMC acquired the knowledge on how to organise future workshops independently.

Gonza Muganwa, Executive Secretary of the ARJ and participant of the training, stated: “I know several cases where journalists could not report freely, conducted self-censorship and did not keep the information balanced.” He therefore welcomed the initiative that helped journalists to become aware of their rights, the ethical dimensions of the profession and the role of the RMC.

By DW Akademie

Download the Training Manual on Ethical Reporting and the Rwandan Code of  Ethics

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