Rwanda: Young people speak out

The project supported human rights activists and youth groups  in spreading the word about the Rwandan media reform.

The youth rights organisation AJPRODHO organised a regional summit with participants from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Burundi. The young people took part in forum-theatre workshops, human rights trainings and a final debate with politicians, journalists and rights activists. Read their final recommendations: RYS_Recommendations (pdf)

The Kwetu Film Institute organised discussions and a workshop for young filmmakers, linking films to the promotion of rights and freedom of expression. In the five months long project “Shed light on your rights”, participants learned how film can tackle sensitive issues in an understandable and enjoyable way. They developed their own film ideas and produced several short films, which have been screened on different occasions.

Watch two of the short films, a social spot and the making-off-video:

Nyandamu Janvier: IMPURUZA, (OV with Engl. subtitles) 12’56”
Every day when her boss comes home for lunch, Mutoni, a young housekeeping girl is petrified. But nobody wants to hear her story.

Ndimbira Claudine: SHE, (OV with Engl. subtitles) 12’52”
All her life Laura has been carrying a big secret in her heart. Everything changes within one day, when she finally gives in to her strong feeling.

Kwetu Film Institute/Rwandan Cinema Centre: Making-off “Shed light on your rights”, 6’29” (OV with Engl. subtitles)

Kwetu Film Institute/Rwandan Cinema Centre: Social spot, (OV) 3’30”

In addition, the EJO youth reporter team produced both a radio programme and a print journal on the topic of freedom of expression and access to information. For the journal, the young reporters worked together with the regional human rights umbrella organization LDGL in order to learn from their expertise in the field of civil and political rights.

Download the magazine Vas-y Rwanda (pdf, French Version)
and listen to EJO’s radio programme on freedom of expression in Rwanda (in Kinyarwanda):

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