Rwanda Media Commission: Promoting free, responsible and accountable media

At the beginning of 2013, Rwanda underwent a media law reform. The passing of the Media Law No. 02/2013 marked an important turning point in the history of Rwandan media regulation: It transferred responsibility from a statutory agency to an organization run by journalists and media practitioners. The new self-regulatory body, the Rwanda Media Commission (RMC), was established by Rwandan journalists in the General Assembly of the Association of Rwandan Journalists in September 2013. It has a total of seven board members. Four commissioners have a professional background in the media, three are sourced from among Rwanda’s “eminent citizens”. The organization is supported by a secretariat with 9 staff members working in the field of legal advice and complaints handling, accreditation, media monitoring, communications and administration and finances. The pilot project supported the strategic and organisational set up and development of the new institution.

RMC is mandated to protect journalists, regulate their conduct and advocate for media freedom in Rwanda. During the first 14 months of operation, it has received 35 complaints and handled 26 of them. It has also played an active role in promoting free and responsible media. For further information visit RMC’s website and read the Annual Report 2014.

Also, watch a documentary RMC has produced to introduce its work:

Rwanda Media Commission Documentary, 2015, 30′, Kinyarwanda version

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