Journalist, become data literate!

Journalists at the data journalism training (Photo: DWA)

Journalists at the data journalism training (Photo: GIZ)

The media in Serbia have the potential to serve as a key communication channel between the citizen and the state and to inform on finance and tax-related issues. However, the limited capacities of journalists with regard to these topics as well as administrative and structural deficits in media institutions have prevented balanced, well-informed and audience-friendly news coverage.

The project therefore trained media professionals in economic journalism and data journalism to improve their reporting skills regarding financial issues. The participants learned how and where to retrieve information and data related to taxes and public spending and were introduced to new information processing tools and to innovative ways of visualizing these data. Having gained these skills, they are now able to process complex data in an easy to understand manner and according to the needs of their audience. Their reports will thus contribute to educating the public on and increasing citizens’ interest in tax-related issues.

The journalists will also be encouraged to follow up on the suggestions and stories submitted to the e-map. They will do additional research to substantiate their news articles and broadcasts that will be published in their media as well as on the website. Doing this, the journalists participating in the project will draw attention to the e-map and motivate other citizens and users to give notice of shortages in their quarter.

To get an in-depth impression on the workshop, check out DW Akademie’s report.

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