“Hacer memoria”: Reporting on reconciliation

Journalists designing the webblog Hacer memoria in Rabinal

Journalists designing the webblog Hacer memoria in Rabinal (Photo: circo producciones)

The thematic events were covered by journalists, who had prior been trained by DW Akademie on conflict-sensitive reporting. The selection of the 12 participants was carried out by Memorial, the National Historic Police Archive and DW Akademie. The group consisted of experienced newspaper and photo-journalists as well as of journalism students and a fiction writer. As some of the participants were coming from the capital and others from the country-side, their knowledge about the civil war and the situation of indigenous peoples varied a lot. During the training workshops, the participants learned about reconciliation processes and how to cover traumatic stories from the past in an ethical manner. Together with a local multimedia trainer, the weblog “Hacer memoria” (Remembering) was designed to publish all contributions.

The journalists were involved in the organisation of all four thematic events. DW Akademie accompanied them during research and production and assisted in publishing their reports on the weblog.

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