Exchange on media law and media ethics

Journalists discussing on media ethics

Journalists discussing on media ethics (Photo:GIZ)

The website and the results of the media-monitoring will be supplemented by internal workshops to discuss the monitoring results, find an adequate reaction to the cases identified and determine the essentials and limits of media self-regulation. Discussing Dos and Don’ts of journalistic practice will sensitize the journalists with regard to media ethics and help to secure their commitment to and support of self-regulation.

In addition, public discussions will provide an offline platform for exchange between interested citizens and national and international experts. Just as the media workshops, the topics of these public events will deal with the cases of malpractice and other phenomena identified during media monitoring, and try to find adequate solutions to them.

Facilitating an interactive discourse – both online and offline – on how to improve unbiased reporting will contribute to journalists upholding ethical standards and drawing lessons learnt together, and will help to prevent denunciations.

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Georgia: Media self-regulation through political and legal education