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A community radio journalist during a recording session for "Bajo La Lupa" (Photo: GIZ)

A community radio journalist during a recording session for “Bajo La Lupa” (Photo: GIZ)

The Amazonas region takes up two-thirds of the land area of Ecuador. Therefore, radio often is the only medium available to large parts of the population, particularly indigenous groups. An important part of the “Under the microscope” project was therefore a radio training and the production of a radio magazine on issues of vital concern to native ethnic groups.

During the radio training, the participants were introduced to the main radio formats and genres, built their interview skills and learned how to write manuscripts for radio shows. They were also trained in the technical aspects of radio show production, such as professional sound recording and digital sound editing, and were made aware of gender balance in radio broadcasts.

Based on this know-how of quality radio journalism, the team produced a radio magazine that was broadcast by the CORAPE radio network every three weeks. All reports, interviews, manuscripts, recordings including the jingle were contributed and produced by the group of community radio reporters trained by the project. Moreover, a Facebook page was created to catch listeners’ response and reactions to the topics treated in the radio show. Thus, “Under the Microscope” picked up “indigenous” issues and invited its listeners to shape and participate in the discussion.

Listen to some examples of the “Nuestras Miradas, Nuestros Voces” Radio Show:

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