Create something new: Be interactive

A citizen being interviewed for the radio show

A citizen being interviewed for the radio show (Photo: GIZ)

It is by producing innovative and creative radio programmes on topics that matter to the people that radio stations are appealing to listeners. This, in turn, will unearth the potential of local radio stations in Burkina Faso: to become a platform of interaction on local development issues.

Therefore, the radio stations involved in the project together with listeners and civil society representatives first discussed about existing and possible new formats and ideas to increase listeners’ participation in programme design. Based on the results of these meetings, they developed suggestions to improve the shows that had been broadcast and to initiate innovative, interactive formats involving citizens, civil society groups, local officials and councillors.

The project then supported the piloting of these new radio shows. This was based on the results of the audience analysis and with a strong focus on local governance issues, civil society representatives and listeners helping to identify suitable topics. The thoughts and views expressed during the interactive radio shows were then picked up in local council meetings.

Thus, the audience analysis and listeners’ participation in programme design paved the way for a new innovative radio format considering pressing local issues in general and governance issues in particular.

Listen to a radio show about health issues on Radio Tin Taani:

Or watch a scene from the training where a radio listener is being involved:

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