The Anti-Corruption Commission reaching out to the public

As the fight against corruption can only be successful if all relevant stakeholders join forces, it is vital for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to get in touch with journalists, citizens and civil society groups. The project supported the ACC in drafting a communication policy based on new as well as traditional media. Basic media training with high-level representatives reviewed existing communication strategies and prepared the ACC to deal with press representatives, i.e. in interviews and press conferences. A press office was established and a social media strategy was elaborated in a separate work session with the press officer. A Facebook account was created for direct outreach to the people. Another part of the support activities to the communication strategy included the creation of a website to provide a whole range of information about corruption and corruption prevention to the media, civil society and interested citizens. Particularly journalists need reliable information and hard facts on corruption cases for a balanced and in-depth coverage.

In the longer run, these communication channels are not only meant to provide information, but also serve as a platform for exchange, where citizens may file complaints about the corruption they experience in daily life.

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