Professional news coverage on (anti-)corruption

One of the lucky winners of the media award

One of the lucky winners of the media award (Photo: GIZ)

Corruption is always good for a scoop, but balanced news coverage on the topic is hard to find in Bangladeshi media. Therefore, a second string of the ‘Promoting communication and dialogue about anti-corruption’ project attended to ethics and high-quality standards of media coverage on (anti-)corruption. But how can journalists report on corruption in an accurate, balanced manner? One way is to dig deeper into corruption cases and research hard facts in order to unearth the truth. Training for journalists thus put the focus on investigative journalism to lay the foundation for more reliable coverage on corruption cases.

Another way is to learn a lesson from good examples. Therefore, the project offered a media award for news articles enlightening the public on anti-corruption and corruption prevention instead of coverage of simple corruption scandals. The criteria for the media award reflecting high standards of media ethics and neutral news coverage were jointly developed by the ACC, the journalists’ association Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) and representatives from universities and civil society (among others Transparency International Bangladesh). Collaborating on this initiative gave them the opportunity to identify common approaches and paved the way for a regular roundtable discussion between the ACC, media representatives and academics. The lucky winners of the award, on the other hand, were able to participate in the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany, and had a tour around Germany to experience how the press works in this country.

Find out more about the media award on its website, have a look at the press clippings and watch a Bangladeshi TV report on it.

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