Ayna – the Mirror: an interactive radio show on corruption

A scene from the radio training (Photo: DWA)

A scene from the radio training (Photo: DWA Mong)

Exchange and direct dialogue was also the rationale behind the third component of the project: an interactive radio show focusing on corruption prevention issues.

In an intensive capacity building event, radio journalists and technicians were first trained on the basics of radio journalism and programme production. A crucial element of the training was to go out to the streets and get the views of average citizens on how corruption affects their lives instead of only asking well-known officials and politicians for their comment. They then developed a call-in radio format on anti-corruption, a pilot of which was produced with ABC radio. The talk-show mixed information and interviews on corruption prevention with entertaining elements, thus ensuring that young listeners can be sensitized on anti-corruption issues.

Get an in-depth insight into the training and production process on DW Akademie’s website or listen to the radio program:

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